Verizon Approved to Offer FiOS TV in Maryland

Councils in Montgomery and Prince George's counties in Maryland have approved Verizon Communications' franchise application to offer its FiOS fiber-optic based television service. Verizon plans to offer FiOS TV by the end of December in parts of Montgomery that has upgraded to an all-fiber network and early next year in Prince George's.

Designed to compete with cable and satellite, Verizon's FiOS TV is an all-digital, fiber network offering digital programming, two dozen high-definition channels, video on demand and more.

"The momentum to bring consumers long-overdue, much-needed choice and competition for their TV service is building in Maryland," said William R. Roberts, president of Verizon Maryland.

Verizon filed a lawsuit in June against Montgomery County regarding its franchise laws claiming "numerous unlawful demands that have stymied the negotiations." The county council said the company was trying to bypass local franchising authorities. The suit was reportedly to be dismissed if the council approved the agreement.

In Prince George's County, Verizon said it is in discussions with 25 independent municipalities and expects to reach agreements with them soon.

The telco company currently offers FiOS TV in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, and in the cities of Bowie and Laurel. It also provides FiOS TV in parts of California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Texas and Virginia.