VDS Selected to Provide New HD Ticker to The Score Television Network

VDS, a leading developer of graphics automation software, content design and plug-in products has delivered an exciting new HD ticker to The Score Television Network in Toronto. The signature graphic on The Score, the new ticker is the first native 720p ticker in North America, built from the ground up to deliver dynamic sports information to sports fans across Canada.

The heart of the system is a central database designed by VDS for the storage and distribution of live sports scores, statistical and other related information from multiple data sources. This database serves as the single source of data for all automated graphics applications at The Score, including the Ticker, website and other applications planned for the future.

Designed with three independent but simultaneously updating regions for main ticker, game bug, and breaking news the ticker includes advanced animations and transitions not yet seen in on-air tickers. It also includes a progress indicator, which shows how many entries remain within a specific subject as well as advanced line-up bars indicating sports segments that are coming up.

The integrated display of live game data from Stats Inc. and sports odds data from Chalk provides important and up to the minute information to the sports fan including advanced game situation display features, with base-runner indicators for baseball, ball possession and field position for football, and power-play/man advantage for hockey.

The Score ticker also has multiple modes of operation and display, including standard ticker mode, and live event mode, in which the ticker transforms, on the fly, to a smaller size at the bottom of the screen to minimize the video squeezeback required.

An advanced authoring tool allows The Score personnel to quickly create ticker playlists with as many as 1500 entries, which is common for the dynamic and comprehensive production requirements of The Score.

The VDS ticker system also allows for automatic scheduling and playback of multiple playlists based on date and time as well as advanced scheduling features for enabling individual or groups of playlist entries based on game situation and time of day.

“At the Score, we push ourselves to think of new ways to enhance the viewing experience and really deliver sports information in a form that is entertaining, informative, and innovative,” says David Errington, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, The Score Television Network. “The ticker is our signature and I believe that together we have taken something that was great and made it even better.”

“The Score ticker was one of the most challenging automated graphics systems VDS has implemented. Using our core Sportbase database, GameTrak system and modular graphics engine, we were able to provide The Score with a very unique and dynamic system that matches the excitement of The Score broadcast, said Jaye Gore, Vice President of VDS.

As part of its contract with The Score, VDS will also be delivering other advanced tools for the production of automated graphics, including a system that will drive full-screen graphics or “boards” with live game situation and statistical information.