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VDS Promotor now supports Harris graphics and branding platform

VDS’ Promotor system for automated promos and graphics now supports the Harris graphics and branding systems including IconStation, ChannelONE and Inscriber G7.

Promotor is a suite of applications that provides extensive capabilities for the automatic playback of graphic and audio promos. These capabilities are possible via Promotor’s interface to station automation and traffic systems.

Promotor constantly receives timing information from automation systems such as the Harris ADC. It also retrieves metadata and content information from Traffic and the Promotor database, which can include external or manually entered data as well as metadata extracted from the automation playlist.

Promotor enables broadcasters to reduce costs of operation and make more efficient use of graphics, promotions and engineering resources. In addition, as promos can now be generated without the potential errors of current methods and with less effort, broadcasters can realize great flexibility and speed in their daily promos.

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