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U.K. Retailer Reports Spike 3DTV Sales

LONDON: Dixons, the parent company of several of the United Kingdom’s largest consumer electronics retail stores, has reported a surge in sales of 3D-capabe TV sets, according to Marketing Magazine. Dixons owns PC World, Currys and outlets, and comprises the biggest retail electronics supply source in the region, MM says.

Dixons is reporting that 30 percent of the wide-screen TVs sold at its outlets in the first two weeks of December were 3D-capable. The most popular screen sizes are 32 inches and larger. A Dixons rep told Marketing Magazine the tally was derived from 650 retail outlets.

Satellite TV provider Sky became the first distributor to provide 3DTV earlier this year. 3DTV sets went on sale in the United Kingdom in time for the summer’s World Cup Soccer championship.