T-VIPS launches nSure monitoring range

T-VIPS, the Norwegian video contribution and distribution system vendor, has introduced a specialized product portfolio for transport stream monitoring and switching at the 2011 NAB Show in Las Vegas. At the same time T-VIPS has reorganized its product ranges into four groups, including the cProcessor solutions for processing, modification, adaptation and remultiplexing of transport streams; Video Gateways for the compression and transport of high-quality video, mostly over IP networks; tManage software tools for network and connection management; and the new nSure products, which monitor, analyze and switch transport streams.

According to the company, the idea is to make it easier for customers to understand T-VIPS’ targeted offerings in the video transport domain. From now on, the two transport ranges, cProcessor and nSure, will evolve in two separate directions. The cProcessor toolbox will allow network operators and broadcasters to create, modify and adapt transport streams to suit their own requirements and operational needs, while the nSure range simplifies monitoring, analysis and switching of transport streams and services throughout video broadcast networks.