T-VIPS Gateways help Marist College transport real-time video over IP

Azzurro HD, a New York-based provider of broadcast-quality video transmission services, recently purchased several TVG430 HD JPEG2000 nideo gateways from T-VIPS America to facilitate real-time HD-SDI video contribution over an IP network between Marist College, in Poughkeepsie, NY, and Azzurro HD’s facility in NYC — about 78mi between them.

Azzurro HD was hired by Marist College to establish a video-over-IP (VoIP) connection to send HD video signals in real time between its New York “The Hub” facility and Marist’s on-campus television studio. The TVG430 video gateways are configured as an encoder and decoder on either end of the fiber circuit and enable Azzurro HD to transport live HD-SDI contribution video over IP fiber networks from Marist College to any television network.

Mark C. Lowden, vice president of sales for Azzurro HD, said the network connection makes it easier and more cost-effective for Marist pollsters (from the college’s Marist Institute for Public Opinion) to make live appearances on television and cable networks without having to travel two hours to New York City studios. Now they can go on-air directly from their campus studio facility.

And, Lowden said, the broadcast networks now find it more compelling and practical to invite Marist pollsters to contribute their insight and analysis because they don’t have to arrange for a TV studio to host the interviewee, and the video feed is always delivered in HD broadcast quality.

From its all-digital ASI, SDI and HD video switching facility in “The Hub” in NYC, Azzurro HD provides and manages real-time switching and transmission of broadcast-quality video via long-haul fiber and satellite circuits so that its customers can send feeds to any point domestically or globally. Azzurro HD services range from comprehensive, 24/7 networking solutions to real-time transport of contribution video for customers with just an occasional need.

The TVG430 Gateway uses JPEG2000 compression to transmit HD (and SD) signals over Gigabit Ethernet links in real-time at bit rates in the 50Mb/s to 200Mb/s range. The gateway can be configured as either an encoder or decoder.