TVI deploys Pro-Bel playout and automation

Portuguese broadcaster TVI has ordered and installed a comprehensive Pro-Bel (a division of Chyron) automation and playout system. The privately owned broadcaster is now using the MAPP media management system partnered with Sextant playout automation. TVI has also purchased and installed a TX 420 master control switcher for the front end of the system.

These systems, which can handle basic single channel playout to complex multichannel services, were installed earlier this year and are now operational. TVI is using the system for the automation and playout of its main channel and also for an additional thematic cable channel. The broadcaster plans to launch new thematic channels in the future also using Pro-Bel technology.

TVI currently uses server-based interstitial material in combination with tape-based long form content for its main channel. The broadcaster ultimately plans to run all content from servers with the new thematic channel already doing so. Both main and backup automation and playout is handled by the Pro-Bel solution.

The TX 420's can handle the automatic rejoining of the schedule after unscheduled live interruptions. The TX 420 mixer incorporates a DVE and 4 DSKs with upstream routing of sources via an existing Pro-Bel router system.

The new automation and playout equipment has allowed TVI to control a larger number of channels without increasing their headcount.

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