TVB Tech Alert: Skype Recorder

SAN ANSELMO, CALIF.: A privately held company specializing in software to record streaming media has introduced one especially for Skype communications. Applian Technologies released Replay Telecorder for Skype, an intuitive video/audio recorder for all Skype calls.Replay Telecorder has a one-click recording process geared to the more than 22 million daily Skype users.

Replay Telecorder can capture regular Skype voice calls, video chats, conference calls and Skype voice mail. The recorded file is saved in the AVI format which can easily be played back using Windows Media Player.

The software has six different call recording options on a drop-down menu--audio only; picture-in-picture; side-by-side video, local video only; remote video only; or recording the call as two separate files.

Replay Telecorder for Skype works on any PC running Windows 7, XP or Vista with Skype installed. It runs just under $30 and provides an easy way to archive Skyped-in news footage. -- with an assist from DV.