TVB Tech Alert: Panasonic Puts Amazon VOD into Blu-ray Players

SECAUCUS, N.J.: Panasonic’s Blu-ray players can now tap into Amazon’s Video On Demand library. The feature is being made available on Panasonic’s Viera Cast-capable players. Current owners can download a free software update to shop Amazon’s 45,000-title VOD collection.

Viera Cast is Panasonic’s technology entry the white-hot broadband TV market. The company introduced Viera Cast plasma HDTV sets in April. All of its Blu-ray players will have Viera Cast capability going forward, including the B15, its portable model. In addition to Amazon, Viera Cast accesses YouTube, Google’s Picasa, Bloomberg News and weather information, via an Etnernet connection.

LG Electronics also has been rolling out broadband TV features at a healthy clip. The company switched on Netflix in June after demoing the feature on broadband prototype sets at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Vudu movie service was added last month.

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