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TVB Tech Alert II: LG 15-inch OLED TV Due in December

SEOUL: LG Display will roll out the world’s second production OLED TV in December, a company executive said in an interview with LG’s 15-inch organic light-emitting diode screen TV prototype was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas. OLEDs are especially thin, and capable of flexible and particularly high-resolution display. The LG OLED TV has a 1 million:1 contrast ration and resolution of 1,366-by-768 pixels and the screen is 0.8 mm thick. (Engadget has an image.) It initially will be launched in Korea, followed by a global roll-out.

Sony was first to market with an OLED TV--the 11-inch, 3 mm, XEL-1, priced at $2,500. Daily Techreports that Samsung is working on OLED sets as well, but no launch dates have been published. – Deborah D. McAdams