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TVB Tech Alert: 3M Develops 3D for Mobile TV

MAPLEWOOD, MINN.: The 3M company said its latest foray into 3D produced a new form of field-sequential 3D optic film for handheld devices. The auto-stereoscopic 3D film targets cell phones, small video game consoles, and other portable digital devices and requires no glasses. The technology is reported to work on displays up to 9 inches in size.

The company said its 3M 3D optical film can be integrated into a small device’s backlight module to produce 3D images. The 3D film requires only a standard LCD panel, and can operate at a refresh rate of 120Hz. Another big plus for their new film, 3M says, is that at the crucial assembly-line stage, assembly of the backlight module is nearly identical to existing systems.

That would mean minimal expenditures for integrating new assembly protocol, among other factors. (When using directional backlight technology, left- and right-eye images are focused sequentially into the viewer’s eyes--allowing full-resolution panel display.

3M plans to first show its 3D display mobile concept at the Korea Electronics Show Oct. 13-16 (Booth 1600). -- from TV Technology