TV Station News - May 8, 2009

WLKY-TV Launches Helo for Morning Newscasts
WLKY-TV, the CBS affiliate in this Northern Kentucky town, has put its helicopter in service for the morning newscast, the local Business Journal said. NewsChopper 32.1 will be used to cover breaking news and traffic conditions. The Journal said each of the four big network affiliates in the market have choppers, but most are deployed "sparingly" during morning newscasts.

The WLKY chopper is outfitted with hi-def cameras and digital transmission gear. The station is owned by Hearst-Argyle, which this week took another step toward being acquired by its majority shareholder, Hearst Corp. WLKY is one of 26 TV stations in the Hearst-Argyle stable.

WTVR-TV adds 7 p.m. newscast
WTVR-TV, the CBS affiliate in Virginia's capital city, is adding a local newscast at 7 p.m. The station says it will be the only local newscast at that hour in Central Virginia. The 30-minute time period is otherwise dominated by syndie game shows, sitcoms and entertainment news magazine shows.

"We believe this will be a very meaningful news service for Central Virginia viewers," said CBS 6 WTVR president and ceneral manager, Peter Maroney. "Busy Virginians are getting home later and later these days and we believe there is a substantial audience which is not being served with local evening news. This broadcast will offer a comprehensive recap of local, regional and national events of the day, along with timely updates on stories developing during the evening."

Content will include input from WTVR's sister station, WTKR-TV in Norfolk, also owned by Local TV LLC. WDBJ-TV, the Shurz Communications CBS and MyNetworkTV affiliate in Roanoke, will also contribute.

The new 7 p.m. newscast is expected to launch in mid-September. Other information regarding the newscast, its content, and its reporting staff will be announced this summer, WTVR said. -- Deborah D. McAdams