TV One's updated 2006 catalog available

The addition of more than 30 new items to TV One's product line can now be found in the updated 2006 TV One Catalog. Along with the new products, the catalog also includes comparison charts for specific product categories.

Some of the new products featured include the new CORIO2 C2 products, which are now RoHS compliant and available with many features. The C2-1000 Series has five new pieces and consists of two down converters, two up converters and a universal scaler. The C2-2000 Series contains ten units, which consists of four down converters, four video scalers and two universal scalers that all have DVI and analog inputs and outputs. SDI versions are available and all units have an LCD on the front for set up and will be available this fall.

Several other new products featured are: the OneTask 1T-C2 scan converters and down converters; the PX-710, a time base corrector/frame synchronizer with genlock; and the PX-720, a standards converter to tackle the PAL, SECAM and NTSC broadcast television standards.

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