Tubi Adds 14 Warner Bros. Discovery FAST Channels

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SAN FRANCISCO—The free streaming service Tubi has inked a massive content deal with Warner Bros. Discovery that will add 14 WB branded FAST channels and over 225 AVOD titles totaling over 2,000 hours to the platform. 

Tubi will launch three new curated FAST channels – WB TV Reality, WB TV Series and WB TV Family – each featuring award-winning Warner Bros. Discovery content including all seasons "Westworld," "Raised by Wolves," "Legendary," "FBoy Island," "The Nevers," "Finding Magic Mike," "Head of the Class," and "The Time Traveler's Wife." 

Also debuting on the platform are 11 FAST channels focused around such genres as Lifestyles, Homes, Classic Movies, Education, Mysteries, and Weddings, among several others. 

New titles across Tubi's expanded linear channel and AVOD offering will include such popular series such as "Cake Boss," "My Cat from Hell," "Breaking Amish," "Caribbean Life," "How It's Made," "Paranormal Lockdown," "The Tomorrow People," and "My Five Wives," as well as select seasons of "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise," in addition to beloved classic films including "The Astronaut's Wife," "For Your Consideration" and "Lord of the Flies." Content will begin rolling out as early as February 1 and throughout the month.

"Warner Bros. Discovery has a catalog that TV lovers can't get enough of and Tubi is proudly making many of these recent hits from Warner Bros. Discovery available to new audiences this month," said Adam Lewinson, chief content officer, Tubi. "From critically acclaimed and groundbreaking to lighthearted and addicting, our new WB branded FAST channels and on-demand offering will speak to each of Tubi's distinct audience communities."

The deal is part of a wider push by Warner Bros. Discovery to expand its advertising-supported streaming and boost revenue with program sales. It also raised interesting questions about the nature of the combined HBO Max, Discovery+ streaming offering set to be unveiled in upcoming months as these FAST channel deals could reduce the amount of exclusive content available in a combined subscription-based service. 

New FAST channels coming to Tubi include:

  • WB TV Series - a collection of premium television series including "Westworld," "Raised by Wolves," "The Nevers," and "Time Traveler's Wife," among others.
  • WB TV Reality - a collection of unscripted television series including "Legendary, FBoy Island, and "Finding Magic Mike," among others.
  • WB TV Family - a collection of family-friendly series including "Head of the Class," among others.
  • WB TV Sweet Escapes - cake competitions, baking and beyond for the ultimate sweet escape with shows including "Cake Boss," "Extreme Cake Makers," and "Cake Wars".
  • WB TV Paws & Claws - Paws, claws and maybe some jaws. Get your furry fix with a wild collection of shows featuring your favorite pets including "Dogs 101" and "My Cat from Hell".
  • WB TV Slice of Life - Discover the unique lives of people from all corners of the world with shows including "Extreme Couponing," "Breaking Amish," and "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding".
  • WB TV Welcome Home - Where home owning dreams come true with the best of real estate and interior design with shows including "Caribbean Life," "Buying Hawaii," and "Bahamas Life".
  • WB TV At the Movies - Grab your popcorn and settle in for the perfect mix of classic films from the '70s, '80s and '90s.
  • WB TV How To - Find the answers to some of the world's most interesting questions with these curiosity-inspiring series including "How It's Made," "How to Build Everything," and "How the Earth Works".
  • WB TV Supernatural - Real-life stories of ghosts, goblins and other out-of-this-world entities with shows including "Ghost Brothers," "Paranormal Lockdown," and "Ghost Asylum".
  • WB TV Crime Series - Shocking crime scenes, unsolved cases, intense investigations and more with shows including "Murder Chose Me," "A Crime to Remember," and "Murder Comes to Town".
  • WB TV Mysteries - Untold stories of unexplained, unsolved and unknown mysteries from around the world including shows like "Mysteries at the Museum," "Mysteries at the Monument," and "Off Limits". 
  • WB TV Love & Marriage - Say "I do" to all the best wedding stories waiting for you at the end of the aisle with shows including "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta," "Four Weddings," and "A Wedding Story".
  • WB TV Family Rules - From unconventional couples to unbelievable stories, enjoy these series about real-life families including "Long Lost Family," "The Little Couple," and "My Five Wives".
  • WB TV Keeping It Real - Watch all of the best reality shows right here from "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette," "Bachelor in Paradise," "Finding Magic Mike," and "Fboy Island".
  • WB TV All Together - With stories that feel like home and characters who feel like family, there's always something for everyone to enjoy with shows including "Eight is Enough," "Better With You," and "Head of the Class".
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