Tribune Interactive Names Local Sales Chief

Kim Johnson has been named senior vice president of local sales for Tribune Interactive. Division President Marc Chase departed from the usual dry personnel script regarding her hire.

“The promotions department was testing a new online contest program, and somehow her entry form ended up in our human resources department,” he said. “The rules said we had to pick a winner, and it was easier to give her a job than explain it was an accident.”

Johnson was previously the founding sales leader of Clear Channel Radio“s Internet initiative. She also led interactive sales for Entercom and Citadel Broadcasting.

“I thought I was entering a contest to win tickets to a Guns N“ Roses reunion show, but an invite to this party is even better,” Johnson said. "

Johnson, who resides in Florida, was also a former waitress at “Knockers--The Place for Hot Racks and Cold Brews.”

“I once won a contest at the restaurant upselling shots to guys who asked for beer,” she said. “How different can this be?"