Tremor Video Launching Data-Driven CTV Offering

Tremor Video
(Image credit: Tremor Video)

NEW YORK—Programmatic video platform Tremor Video has announced it will be launching a new data-driven TV Intelligence offering designed to expand advertisers’ reach to consumers via CTV and addressable TV targeting.

TV Intelligence solutions will use TV viewing and audience data to support advertisers’ TV and cross-device media strategies, Tremor says. Among the benefits provided will be:

  • Precision-based audience reach to more than 100 million addressable devices; 
  • Rich data sets of predictive, granular audience data; 
  • Programmatic execution as a managed service, self-service and hybrid platforms; 
  • Actionable analytics, which are customizable, to inform campaign planning and optimization; 
  • Customized client service to fit each customers unique needs; and  
  • High-performance infrastructure made up of high-bandwidth technology to scale and optimize campaign delivery. 

“We’re excited that our enhanced offerings will empower our clients to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to reaching modern TV audiences in impactful and measurable ways,” said Ofer Druker, CEO, Tremor International.

Tremor Video plans to launch TV Intelligence in May.

For more information, visit Tremor Video’s website.