‘Tonight Show’ adds Apella HDS media server

NBC Universal’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” has installed the Video Technics Apella HDS media server for ingest, management and playback of HD graphics with key.

The solution includes an Apella HDS with one input and two output multirate HD-SDI channels, a VT Studio Pro Axio LE nonlinear editor (NLE) and the VT Craft Edit Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro, tied together with a Fibre-Channel SAN capable of supporting real-time access to 10-bit uncompressed video and key.

The new workflow allows “The Tonight Show” graphics producers to take HD content, edit on the Matrox Axio NLE and export the revised content to the Apella HDS for playout to air with key. Content usually originates from sources using Avid’s DNxHD codec, exported in a QuickTime wrapper and edited with Premiere Pro CS3 or AfterEffects on the Matrox Axio. That is then natively exported to the Apella for playout using the VT Craft Edit Plug-In.

For more information, visit www.videotechnics.com.