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The Outdoor Channel (TOC) (not to be confused with Comcast-owned Outdoor Life Network or OLN), has completed season 3 production of its award winning show SHOOTING GALLERY, with all-new episodes filmed entirely in HD.

"SHOOTING GALLERY has always been cutting edge, but season 3, forgive the pun, really hits the bull's eye," said the show's co-producer and host Michael Bane. "Even with the standard definition version, our viewers are going to see all SHOOTING GALLERY action in wide-screen format, captured by the same sophisticated cameras used to film top Hollywood movies."

In July 2005, SHOOTING GALLERY will be a true standout program on the all-HD Outdoor Channel 2--the first outdoor programming channel to provide the stunning visuals and flawless sound quality of HD. Outdoor Channel 2 is set to debut in July 2005.

Co-producer Robin Berg has assembled an experienced team of videographers, sound technicians and editors with the advanced film and television experience to take SHOOTING GALLERY to the next level. "Our plan from the very beginning was to make the show substantially better with each new season," said Berg. "What we have now is not one of the best‚ or one of the most experienced‚ teams, but THE best and THE most experienced team to ever film anything involving firearms."