Tightrope Media Takes Over PEG Media Exchange Site

(Image credit: Tightrope Media Systems)

MINNEAPOLIS—Tightrope Media Systems has announced that it is taking over as the owner of PegMedia.org (opens in new tab), a public access media exchange site, from PegMedia Inc. As the new owner, Tightrope will handle all operations and development of PegMedia.org while continuing to provide low-cost content sharing between community media organizations and producers.

Through PegMedia.org, content producers can make their programming available to multiple PEG TV stations simultaneously, while also giving stations access to a range of programming to fill out their channels.

According to Robert Nichols, who founded PegMedia Inc. in 2007 in Maine, PegMedia.org has a growing library of more than 35,000 videos that PEG stations can access for an undisclosed transfer fee. Today, PegMedia.org reportedly has thousands of users across the U.S. and internationally.

“Being under the Tightrope umbrella will ensure its long-term survival and growth,” said Nichols. “With a whole team of passionate PEG experts from operations and engineering to marketing, Tightrope is well positioned to take what I started to the next level.”

Despite operating Cablecast Community Media, Tightrope says it plans to continue to make PegMedia.org available to PEG stations regardless of which hardware or software solutions they use. Tightrope will also work to help grow the site’s user base to continue to add to the available content.

“We are honored that Robert is entrusting us to continue what he started,” said Steve Israelsky, president, Cablecast Community Media. “PegMedia.org provides a valuable service to the PEG community, and we very much want it to continue to succeed. With our large nationwide customer base, close relationships with the PEG industry at large and our planned efforts to promote PegMedia.org, we believe we can significantly expand its active user base. We look forward to further developing the PegMedia.org service while keeping it affordable and widely accessible.”

For more information, visit www.cablecast.tv (opens in new tab).