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Thomson Helps Deliver Games to the World

From acquisition to editing to transmission, equipment from Thomson is being used by a wide range of broadcasters to bring the XXIX Olympiad to viewers worldwide.

Hundreds of Thomson Grass Valley HD and SD cameras, as well as 30 outside broadcast (OB) trucks outfitted with Thomson Grass Valley HD production equipment, will be used to cover the Games by broadcasters.

China Central Television (CCTV) will use 15 Infinity Series digital media camcorders and Edius nonlinear editing software to bring the Olympics to viewers across the People’s Republic of China. CCTV will also use the Infinity’s built-in JPEG2000 codec to streamline their HD workflow and bring finished segments to air faster.

China’s Administrative Bureau of Radio Stations (ABRS) is using Thomson Elite 100 and Elite 1000 transmission systems for SD and HD transmission of the Olympic Games, including Thomson Elite 100 transmitters, providing the main Olympic venues with mobile television coverage.

“Thomson has been a leader in live HD sports coverage for many years, but this year’s Summer Games give us a chance to really shine with both HD and mobile TV,” said Jacques Dunogué, senior executive vice president of the Systems Division within Thomson.

“We are proud to supply the OB companies contracted by the host broadcaster nearly 70 percent of the HD cameras the host broadcaster will be using at the Games, and to help CCTV bring the Olympics into the homes of viewers throughout China, as well as to support coverage of the Games through mobile TV. Only Thomson can provide this breadth of end-to-end solutions to broadcasters and media companies around the world,” Dunogué said.

A full list of Thomson gear at the Games, who’s using it and how, is on the company Web site.