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The X Games in HD Force Changes for ESPN

When ESPN turns on its coverage of Winter X Games 12 next week, it will mark "the first ever multi-sport winter action sports event to be presented in HD," according to Rick Alessandri, senior vice president, ESPN consumer products and X Games managing director.

Approximately 59 HD cameras will be used to cover the action, including 20 Thomson Grass Valley WorldCams and three Thomson Grass Valley super slo-mos, as well as 15 models of cameras from Sony.

But the biggest challenges for ESPN come in how the sportscaster will distribute the HDTV and audio signals.

"We had to replace a large amount of copper runs with fiber optic this year, needing bandwidth to move the signal around," said Senior Operations Producer Larry Wilson.

Robin Berger details all that ESPN is putting into X-treme Hi-Def for the X Games in TV Technology.