Texas Instruments Introduces Enhanced Digital Cinema Technology

Texas Instruments recently launched m15, the latest version of its DLP Cinema technology. m15 includes major enhancements and is now in production and available in digital cinema projectors from Barco and Christie. The enhancements provide support for advanced security, increased flexibility in usage and improved usability.

The enhancements are a result of the joined efforts between TI's DLP Cinema development team and stakeholders in the movie industry, and are grouped in four key categories:

* CineLink Security Management provides enhanced interface functionality and security;
* CineCanvas Image Management has new features that enable DLP Cinema technology to be used in a wider variety of movie theater locations and to support a wider range of source materials;
* CinePalette Color Management, where the color gamut of DLP Cinema technology is extended from 14 bits per color to 15 bits per color, allowing 35 trillion colors to be represented on screen;
* CineBlack Contrast Management, which provides DLP Cinema technology with the ability to deliver a pure tonal scale between deep black and pure white, which reproduces the subtlest nuance in any image.

All projectors with the current system can be upgraded to the new functionality.