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Telestream/Quantum Create Multistream Sports Capture and Analysis System

Telestream and Quantum StorNext Appliances have partnered to provide a new system for replay and review of video captured from multiple cameras at live sports events. The Telestream Pipeline Replay system accommodates as many as 12 high-definition cameras and is easily scalable to accommodate a user’s exact requirement. It can also be paired with a StorNext AFL Archive system to provide LT)-based archival storage for future repurposing.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Quantum and Diversified Systems to offer the new Replay and Review turnkey solution for ingest, instant review, and storage of video,” said Paul Turner, Telestream’s vice president of enterprise product management. “Pipeline Replay was custom designed for officiating and review of sporting events, a market for which we see great growth potential. Coupling our processing technology with StorNext’s scale-out storage offers capabilities unrivaled at any price point.”

Telestream Pipeline Replay is based on a previous collaboration between the two companies.

“We’re excited to be building on our partnership with Telestream to help sports leagues and teams meet the expectations of today’s viewers, as well as find new ways to repurpose and monetize their content,” said Alex Grossman, Quantum’s vice president of media and entertainment. “Over the past year, Quantum has increased its focus and investment in the sports video market, leveraging StorNext’s long-standing leadership in collaborative storage and content workflows and archive.”

The new system allows users to provide instant replay from all cameras being used to cover an event, as well as simultaneous editing of high clips and post-production editing via Apple Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.