Telekom Malaysia installs Magicwall for signal monitoring

Telekom Malaysia is using a 16-channel MW-4160 digital multiscreen display to monitor its off-air TV signals at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The Dayang display allows Telekom Malaysia staff to check the continuity of national and regional program services. Sourcing from a master antenna and demodulator, the MW-4160 outputs to a 55in plasma display panel.

The MagicWall enables channel supervisors to view multiple program feeds and accompanying data on a single screen, offering a compact and power-efficient alternative to CRT stacks in broadcast master control rooms or presentation suites. An auto-alert system provides continuous monitoring of video blackburst, as well as warnings of frozen-image, lost video/audio and lost logo.

Channel supervisors or control room staff can select text-based or audible alarms, create their own maintenance task schedules and perform log management. MagicWall also incorporates an under-monitor display, which automatically prompts for a channel identifier.

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