Telecast Fiber Systems NAB2006 Preview

New Products at NAB2006:

G2 CopperHead
Next-generation camera-mounted fiber optic transceiver with signal processing
At NAB2006 Telecast will launch its next generation of camera-mounted transceivers, the G2 CopperHead. Based on the company's popular CopperHead system (patent pending), the G2 CopperHead is a modular solution that is available in, and convertible to, several configurations, including 40-pin SD, 50-pin HD/SDI, component/composite analog ENG, and digital "Cine" by simply changing input/output "sleds." Certain models include signal-processing capabilities from industry-leader Miranda Technologies in a compact camera-mounted adaptor that connects directly between the camera and its battery.

SMPTE cable amplifier/repeater
The SCAMP is an optical repeater and power amplifier for SMPTE 311 hybrid cables. It can be installed in the middle of a cable run, functioning simply as an optical repeater and taking power from the SMPTE cable, or can be locally powered to boost electrical power as well. Equipped with in-line optical power meters, the SCAMP becomes an effective tool for monitoring and maintaining SMPTE fiber systems and infrastructures.

Wavelength-management CWDM multiplexer
Telecast's Teleport is now expandable—a brand-new feature for NAB2006—to up to 16 bidirectional wavlengths. The system provides easy, high-bandwidth optical signal multiplexing, simplifying and multiplying the effectiveness of fiber optic cables. Using CWDM technology, each single-mode fiber can now support up to 40 Gbps. This supports as many as 16 high definition video signals or 128 analog video channels, plus any associated audio, in both directions using two single-mode fibers. The Teleport eliminates the need for wavelength-specific devices and spares.

Adder II BoothPak
Analog and digital audio trunking in one convenient box
The successor to the widely used Adder 162 and 322, this new front-of-house/announce booth Adder is a single-box solution for larger point-to-point audio applications. Featuring factory-configurable modules, this new Adder can handle analog and digital AES audio while converting between them. With an integrated signal generator and analyzer plus facilities for data and intercom and optical redundancy, this Adder will make complicated audio set-ups quick and easy.

New Viper II Modules
SG5070 HD/SDI signal generation board
The new SG5070 provides broadcasters with a convenient and affordable alternative for testing fiber and copper transmission paths and identifying signals in the field. The new generator is capable of producing four different video test patterns in seven HD formats and six SDI formats. The SG5070 uniquely features the option for fiber optic ST connector outputs that enable direct-to-optical testing. This allows users to establish and verify high-bandwidth HD transport through their existing fiber networks.

5269 SD/AES transmitter/receiver set
The 5269 will transport one SDI (270M) or DVB-ASI video signal and two independent AES audio signals on a single wavelength. With a wide optical margin and high-reliability design, this new module is ideal for long-haul distribution and links to terrestrial uplinks.

MX connector
Hermaphroditic Mini Expanded-Beam Fiber Optic Connector
New for NAB2006, Telecast's MX connector offers high performance, easy maintenance with tool-less cleaning, and a compact size. Available in two- and four-core configurations, the MX will replace pin-and-socket connectors in all of Telecast's existing and future product lines.