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Telecast Announces Thor Product Line

Telecast Fiber Systems has announced the Thor family of products, a line of fiber optic interfaces that convert and transport DVI signals.

Thor products are designed for a wide array of A/V applications and marketed as a low-cost, long-distance transport solution.

The product line includes the Thor-S combination repeater, multiplexer and crosspoint switcher, Thor-C analog converter and extender, Thor-EU uncompressed fiber optic video extender and Thor-E compressed fiber optic DVI extender.

"Arrays of high-resolution, flat-panel displays are becoming a common fixture for communications in public environments such as airports, hospitals, and casinos — and [now] operators can drive these displays digitally through their DVI or HDMI interfaces to achieve optimum image quality," said Steve DeFrancesco, vice president and general manager of Telecast Fiber Systems, in a press release. "Now, our customers can harness the power of fiber to squeeze the cost out of digital transmissions from any content source, even RGB."