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Tablet TV Appoints Strategic Advisor

LONDON— Motive Television has recruited Jeffrey C. Reiss to serve as an advisor and consultant.

A former executive at ABC, Viacom, Lifetime and Request TV, Reiss is known as the “father of on-demand television.”

Jeffrey's first assignment for Motive is to assist Motive and its subsidiary Tablet Television LLC in the development of strategic and product relationships with studios and content providers, major broadcasters, and key television platforms in the United States.

“We are extremely fortunate and thrilled to have the benefit of Jeffrey's creativity, knowledge, and guidance as we continue to develop and launch Tablet Television and Motive's other opportunities in the US market and globally,” Motive CEO Leonard M Fertig. “His track record and the level of respect he enjoys in the media industry based on his numerous innovations and accomplishments will bring immeasurable value to Motive.”

Reiss began his five decade broadcasting career as the director of programming for Cartridge Television Inc., the first home video playback and recording system.

He went on to be the director of feature films for ABC Television Network, where he pioneered the Two Hour Made for Television movie. He also innovated the use of on-air promotion to target diverse demographic groups for the same movie.

He was recruited by Viacom to create a premium TV service that became the Showtime Networks, where he served as the first president. He then co-created Cable Health Network, served as its CEO, and then merged it with Daytime creating Lifetime, which was owned by Viacom, ABC and Hearst. Following on the heels of Lifetime, where he also served as vice-chairman of the board, Reiss also created the first satellite-delivered Pay per View television service, Request TV. He then worked with Japan Satellite Broadcasting as an advisor to create their WOWOW high-powered direct satellite premium television service.