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SysMedia unveils InSERT-7

SysMedia has launched InSERT-7, the new version of its teletext carousel generator and inserter. InSERT-7 is available in an analog version, with full SDI capability.

Options are based on a newly developed PCI bus insertion card and hosted under the Linux operating system. More than one inserter can be housed in the same rack-mount box.

The packaged inserter offers a fast network interface over which page content and commands are submitted. Insertion algorithms ensure efficient use of the VBI and InSERT-7 allows the user to control a wide range of insertion parameters via a programmable user interface - including data pulse shaping and overshoot. Lines can be blanked if required and the hardware is also capable of delivering other VBI signals such as Line 21, WSS and VPS. Row zero can be user-templated and the system offers an advert ticker capability.

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