Syracuse Students Study Up on Lawo Equipment

RASTATT, GERMANY—The new school year at Syracuse University came with new facilities at the Newhouse School of Communications for its sports production capabilities. In an effort to offer a look at some of the new technology being used in the broadcast industry, the Newhouse School added new audio and video equipment from Lawo.


Syracuse is moving away from OB trucks being used for sports production, instead connecting sport venues with the Newhouse School control rooms via fiber-optic lines. In total, 278 strands of single-mode fiber directly connect venues to Newhouse’s three control rooms for the use of productions for volleyball, soccer, field hockey and more. There are also 278 connections to the Carrier Dome, which will handle production of basketball and lacrosse games.

The Newhouse School audio infrastructure already consisted of the Lawo mc256 mixing console and Nova 73 routher. Added to the venues as part of the integration were Lawo V_remote4 units for announcer and official replay; a Lawo LCU Commentary Unit; and Lawo A_line and A_mic8 for EFX mics. The control rooms also added two Lawo V_remote4 units and two V_pro8 units.

To date, Syracuse students have produced 24 athletic events during the school year, with the ultimate goal being 70 games throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.