Streambox rolls out SBT-9500 HD/SD video transport encoder

Streambox has launched the portable SBT3-9500 video transport encoder, the company’s latest integrated HD/SD newsgathering and video transport.

With the SBT3-9500 encoder, broadcasters can get more HD and SD video back to the studio over a variety of low data-rate networks, including 3G, WiFi, WIMAX, the Internet and satellite networks.

The SBT3-9500 encoder’s dual networking facilitates multiplexing and demultiplexing of a single video stream over two lower-cost, lower data-rate IP networks instead of using more costly higher-bandwidth options. The video can be used for insertion into scheduled broadcasts or live-to-air shots, depending on broadcaster requirements.

Like all Streambox solutions, the SBT3-9500 is based on the company’s ACT-L3 codec, enabling fast transmission and play out of high-quality HD and SD video streams over low-latency, low data-rate IP networks. The solution encodes full-frame 1080i/720p HD video and NTSC/PAL SD video and audio.

Among the first to deploy the SBT3-9500 solution is Japanese broadcaster NHK. The deployment targets IP-based newsgathering from a number of locations around the world.