Streambox offers HD/SD encoder for ENG

Streambox unveiled an HD video transport encoder for HD/SD newsgathering, broadcasting and video post production. The new SBT3-9200 can be operated in HD or SD mode, allowing users to capture, transmit and playout live and file-based video in 720p, 1080i, or 1080psf HD video at user-adjustable data rates from 256Kb/s to 30Mb/s and SD video from 64Kb/s to 15Mb/s.

With the new fully featured encoder, video editors can send the edited video file over IP in real time and gain immediate feedback and approval from clients who may be located in different time zones and perhaps even on different continents. It makes this part of the post-production process more efficient and cost-effective.

The SBT3-9200 HD/SD encoder is equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, providing multiplex/demultiplex configurations for video stream redundancy. The second Ethernet port may be designated as a management port for instant access from anywhere. The SBT3-9200 is also capable of outputting both HD and downconverted SD broadcast video simultaneously from a single HD source, and it offers support for both digital and analog HD input/output formats.

Based on Streambox’s ACT-L3 codec, the SBT3-9200 offers advanced networking features such as robust forward error correction for performance, efficiency and reliability.