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Streambox HD/SD Video on a Mac Laptop enables HD newsgathering

Streambox HD/SD Video on a Mac Laptop HD newsgathering from a Mac laptop is now being demonstrated by Streambox. Streambox and Matrox have integrated Matrox's MX02 SDI device with the Streambox ACT-L3 software encoder to enable SDI-based video capture and streaming for Mac OS laptops running Streambox encoding software. The Streambox encoder enables mobile reporters to gather, edit and stream high-quality video over low-data-rate IP connections, making it a powerful solution for newsgathering from a variety of locations. Until now, mobile reporters were limited by their laptops to ingesting only digital video via a FireWire connection. With the addition of the portable MX02 unit, the laptop encoder can ingest SDI video, resulting in much higher picture quality. This helps news organizations differentiate themselves from competitors as they provide higher-quality breaking news video to viewers.