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StorageDNA Integrates with Avid Interplay Production

IRVINE, CALIF.— StorageDNA, Inc., has signed on to enable its technology to integrate with the Avid Interplay Production asset management system.

StorageDNA’s archive and restore offering, DNA Evolution, is a simple and cost-effective archive solution for Avid Interplay Production. An intelligent LTO LTFS workflow solution, it has an open XML-based interface that allows it to be easily integrated with third-party PAM solutions. The workflow solution is engineered for maximum performance with an archive accelerator, direct connect deployment and built-in data movers for archives and restores.

DNA Evolution integrates through Avid Interplay Web Services, and no other components are required. With Interplay Web Services, any folder within Avid Interplay Production can become a watch folder for archiving or restoration of media. It intelligently monitors and tracks all elements down to their master clips and can incrementally archive and restore only those elements not already accounted for.

The integration between DNA Evolution and Avid Interplay enables editors to archive and restore media without leaving the Avid Media Composer or Avid Interplay Access interface, and also report metadata back to the Avid Interplay Production database for search, move or delete operations. DNA Evolution also offers a mini-media asset manager built into the software. And to further support users of the combined solution, DNA Evolution provides Avid Interplay Production database verification. DNA Evolution can be run in manual/report mode where all elements and their inconsistencies are reported back to the end user. It also offers tight integration and high performance with Avid ISIS storage systems for fast archive and restore operations.