Sony to Realign Electronics Production Operations

TOKYO—Effective April 1, 2016, Sony EMCS Corp., which currently oversees engineering, manufacturing, and repair services for Sony’s consumer electronics and professional equipment in Japan, will merge with the relevant functions at Sony Corp. that supervise those operations globally. The new company resulting from this merger will be named Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corp., and Mitsuya Kishida, currently the President of Sony EMCS, will serve as its Representative Director and President.

Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corp. will thus assume the current responsibilities of Sony EMCS in managing domestic manufacturing operations in Japan and administering manufacturing facilities overseas. It will also be responsible for global shared services functions that oversee procurement, logistics, quality and environment-related initiatives around the world. Finally, Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corp. will take over engineering functions that, in collaboration with Sony’s various business units and subsidiaries, engage in R&D for core technologies and manufacturing technologies and support the design process.

Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corp. Executive Appointments effective April 1, 2016:

  • Mitsuya Kishida (New) Representative Director and President; (Current) Representative Director and President, Sony EMCS
  • Katsuhiko Ueno (New) Director; (Current) Director and Corporate Executive, Sony EMCS
  • Keiichi Hashimoto(New) Director (Current) Corporate Executive, Senior General Manager of Corporate Control Dept.,Sony EMCS
  • Masashi Imamura(*)(New) Director
  • Hiroyuki Sato(*)(New) Director
  • Shugo Yamaguchi(*)(New) Director; (Current) Director, Sony EMCS
  • Osamu Shibata(*)(New) Auditor; (Current) Auditor, Sony EMCS
  • Fumitaka Nishimura(*)(New) Auditor; (Current) Auditor, Sony EMCS

(*) Will also retain current post at Sony Corp.