Sony offers 3-D processor, related software

At the 2010 NAB Show, Sony introduced the MPE-200, a multi-image processing platform that simplifies the 3-D workflow when the optional MPES-3D01 stereo-image processing software is installed.

The MPE-200 with MPES-3D01 stereo-image processing allows the user to analyze and make fine adjustments to 3-D images through digital signal processing. This can greatly reduce the time-consuming task of mechanical fine adjustment on some 3-D camera rigs. Users can also control several MPE-200 processors with MPES-3D01 software via a computer with special software installed.

The stereo-image processor enhances the operational performance of Sony cameras and switchers when used in 3-D applications. For example, Sony cameras provide the lens information such as zoom position as real-time metadata. The stereo-image processor can make use of this data for advanced adjustment such as automatic zoom scale matching.

This enables high-quality, repeatable 3-D shooting. The stereo-image processor offers a choice of monitoring methods for stereo monitor output, including side by side, above/below, anaglyph, 50 percent mix and difference.