Sonnet offers preconfigured shared storage editing package

Sonnet Technologies has put together a preconfigured shared storage system that supports up to four video editors that want shared access to common data files, have heavy bandwidth requirements, need easy capacity expandability, and require robust data protection. Everything needed for setting up four users is included in one box.

The new Fusion Fibre-for-4 package consists of the company’s Fusion RX1600Fibre 16-drive RAID 6 Fibre Channel (FC) shared storage system with a four-port 8Gb FC interface, four one-port 8Gb Fibre Channel PCIe host adapter cards, four fiber-optic cables, and a four-seat Tiger Technology metaSAN software license. Sonnet Fusion Fibre-for-4 packages are available now with either 16TB or 32TB capacity and four fiber-optic cables in any combination of 1m, 5m, 10m, or 20m lengths.

Optimized for video editing, the Fusion Fibre-for-4 package provides four users direct high-speed access to stored assets through its 8Gb Fibre Channel ports without the need for a dedicated server. It supports multistream, multiuser collaborative workflows, and does so without the cost, complexity, cabling, rack space requirements and power consumption of an added Fibre Channel switch. The solution supports virtually any computer with an available x4 PCIe interface slot and a Gigabit Ethernet port. A dedicated Gigabit Ethernet switch is required for metadata communication.

Tiger Technology's metaSAN, a high-speed file-sharing storage area network (SAN) management application, sets the new standard for cross-platform workgroup collaboration. Available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, metaSAN enables multiple users to simultaneously access a common pool of data files as easily and transparently as if the content was stored on their computer's local drive.

Unlike volume-level based sharing that imposes serious workflow restrictions, metaSAN's user-friendly file-level sharing capability offers far more flexibility.