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SMPTE Spotlights 4K Video With Pre-Conference UHD Symposium

HOLLYWOOD—This year’s annual SMPTE Technical Conference & Exhibition features an added attraction—a full-day pre-conference symposium devoted to 4K UHD video. The special 4K demonstration area will be set up at the SMPTE conference venue, Lowes Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles and opened to visitors on Oct. 21. The UHD event is a joint venture between SMPTE and Insight Media and will feature a large variety of the latest image processing and scaling technologies used to produce 4K content from lower resolution sources.

"The SMPTE Symposium's 4K/UHD demo area offers visitors a unique opportunity to see just how well the latest scaling and encoding technologies deliver 4K content, and to assess the quality of native 4K and processed content side by side on a variety of the latest 4K displays," said Barbara Lange, SMPTE’s executive director.”

The symposium will emphasize the latest technologies for making 1080p video appear impressive in UHD surroundings and also will address concerns that a lack of native 4K content might stymie the rollout of UHD products and services.

“With this valuable perspective on the maturity of 4K-focused technology, content providers will be much better positioned to make strategic decisions about their own approach to 4K implementation and service offerings,” said Chris Chinnock, Insight Media’s president.

4K symposium participants include Altera, Canon, Cisco, Colorfront, Elemental Technologies, Quantel, Rovi, Samsung, Sony and Video Clarity.

The complementary 4K symposium area will remain open through Oct. 23 to afford persons attending the Oct. 22-24 SMPTE Technical Conference & Exhibition an opportunity to view the UHD technology exhibits. Additional information on both the conference and the 4K symposium is available online.