SMPTE Announces 2015 Award Recipients

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.—The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers have revealed the awards for individual industry members whose contributions will be recognized at the SMPTE 2015 Awards Ceremony.

Laurence Thorpe

Honorary Membership, the society’s highest accolade, recognizing individuals who have performed eminent service in the advancement of engineering, has been awarded to Laurence Thorpe, a key figure in the development, adoption and roll out of HDTV, and Irwin W. Young, who has advanced post-production technology and created or supported the development of critically acclaimed motion pictures and television. Oscar Byram Hanson (1894-1961) has also been named to the Honor Roll, a posthumous recognition of individuals who never received an Honorary Membership in their lifetime.

Here are the remaining recipients:

  • Archival Technology Medal Award: James A. Lindner
  • David Sarnoff Medal Award: Birney Dayton
  • Digital Processing Medal Award: Stan Moote
  • Kodak Educational Medal Award: David L. Long
  • Samuel L. Warner Memorial Medal Award: Sripal Mehta and Harold Hallikainen
  • Technicolor/Herbert T. Kalmus Medal Award: Wolfgang Lempp
  • Workflow Systems Medal Award: Annie Chang
  • 2015 SMPTE Journal Award: John Hudson and Edward Frlan
  • Journal Certificates of Merit: Jürgen Burghardt, Jörg Houpert, and Timo Mayer for “Increased Value of Video Assets: New Technologies for the Automatic Transfer and Digital Preservation of Analog Video Cassettes” and Joachim Keinert, Michael Schöberl, Matthias Ziegler, Frederik Zilly, and Siegfried Foessel for “High-Dynamic Range Video Cameras Based on Single Shot Non-Regular Sampling”
  • Presidential Proclamation Award: Charles H. Jablonski
  • Excellence in Standards Award: Bruce Devlin and J. Patrick Waddell
  • Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society: Charles R. Diehl. Brian F. Kobylarz, Dick Millais, and Herb Ohlandt 
  • Student Paper Award: Jan Fröhlich, “Gamut Mapping for Digital Cinema”
  • Louis F. Wolf Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Arnav Mendiratta

The SMPTE also announced that 15 new Fellows will be recognized during the event. The full list can be seen here.

The SMPTE 2015 Awards Ceremony will be held Oct. 29 in Los Angeles, in conjunction with the SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.