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Signals Get A Boost From TV One

TV One now offers four ultra-compact components that enhance television images and rebuild synchronizing signals. Included within the TV One-task line, these components provide high-quality signal performance that is both improved and stable.

Within the new product group is a pair of time base correctors designated as models 1T-TBC and 1T-TBC-GL. Capable of receiving any standard television input signal and then outputting a fully time-base corrected version of that signal, both units rebuild and reinsert synchronizing signals, are outfitted with digital comb filtering circuitry, and are equipped with an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit that automatically adjusts signal output to proper levels. As its “GL” model number suffix implies, the 1T-TBC-GL additionally includes a comprehensive genlocking circuit that can be used to synchronize output to a system reference signal.

Incorporating all of the functionality of the time base correctors, plus global standards conversion, models 1T-PAL-NTSC and 1T-PAL-NTSC-GL nicely complement and complete the new TV One-Task offerings. Capable of converting any of the world’s standard television signal formats to any other standard television format, the devices offer digital comb filtering of video input and AGC that adjusts incorrect input levels. A full-frame time base corrector provides a jitter free, properly formatted signal, while both units additionally rebuild and reinsert synchronizing pulses to provide a stable, noise-reduced output in any format.

Mirroring the capabilities of the 1T-TBC-GL, the 1T-PAL-NTSC-GL is equipped with provisions for synchronizing output to a system reference signal with its own onboard genlocking circuit. Like the other three new TV One-task products now shipping, the 1T-PAL-NTSC-GL also includes integrated processing amplifiers that allow adjustments to be made to various signal components, all of which can then be saved in non-volatile memory.