Sierra Video develops new router control software

Sierra Video has released TyLinx Pro, new router control software for Sierra’s entire line of video and audio routing switchers. The software adds unique profiles for each user and additional security features for the control system.

TyLinx Pro uses a Windows-based GUI that allows users to virtually recreate their routing system on their computer desktops, defining sources and destinations, signal formats and cabling. The operating window, or “console player,” contains tabs that can be switched between button-per-source and XY views of the routing switcher.

TyLinx Pro supports multiple routing switchers and automatically retrieves source and destination names from a router, identifying those sources and destinations to guide routing choices. It offers multidestination takes, breakaway switching and output locking. The system communicates via Ethernet (IP) or RS-232 serial control.

TyLinx Pro is currently available for download from Sierra Video.