SGL, Grass Valley expand partnership

Software Generation Ltd (SGL) announced it has further extended its technology partnership with Grass Valley. The longstanding product integration between the two companies now sees SGL FlashNet integrated with Grass Valley’s production and content management toolset GV STRATUS via SGL’s XML API.

GV STRATUS is a nonlinear production solution that delivers greater workflow efficiency by enabling users to work collaboratively and accomplish tasks in parallel. The SGL integration provides transparent access to the FlashNet archive from GV STRATUS, allowing full support for GXF partial file restore — a critical feature for Grass Valley customers. Using SGL FlashNet, the backend archive appears as a seamless extension of all Grass Valley environments. The archive may comprise disk or tape storage, or a combination of these in an archive hierarchy, using rules-based SGL StorageManager to manage data lifecycle within the archive based on size, type, content or age.

For on-air, automation sees the SGL FlashNet archive as an extension of the Grass Valley server, and when a clip is required for playback, it’s restored back to K2 Edge or K2 TX servers simply by selecting it in the playlist and choosing restore. The same applies to the archive interface with GV STRATUS. Editors can select clips for archive or restore from the archive directly using the application. They can also view low-res proxies of material held in the archive, and mark in and out points to restore just a partial of the clip. All source time code data is preserved.

This latest integration with GV STRATUS highlights the flexibility of SGL’s XML API, which allows every major broadcast vendor to create integrated applications that can instantly access SGL’s content storage management system. Whatever the size or scope of the organization, or specific Grass Valley equipment or solution, SGL FlashNet provides the ultimate in content archive and storage management, tightly integrated so that the user doesn’t even know it's there.