Samsung Introduces $700 HDTV Monitor

Samsung is marketing a low-cost $699 HDTV monitor for the upcoming holiday season, part of a campaign to help viewers understand DTV and find the set that is best for them by offering "affordable" HDTV sets. The campaign focuses on explaining the basics and background of DTV, broadcast mandates and how to choose the DTV set that is right for the viewer based on location and service options.

Samsung is offering DTV shoppers an opportunity to "Test Drive a Digital TV" at demo stations, manned by Samsung personnel, in participating stores. The $699 monitor is a 27-inch 4:3 DynaFlat model. In addition, the company claims to be marketing the first sub-$1000 widescreen HDTV set, a 30-inch 16:9 DynaFlat monitor for $999.

For shoppers looking for more premium models, a 27-inch DynaFlat HDTV monitor is $799, a 30-inch DynaFlat 16:9 widescreen is $1,099 and a 32-inch DynaFlat HDTV monitor is $1,099. These sets feature 3:2 pull down, two-tuner split-screen picture in picture, digital signal processing, BE audio enhancement and Samsung's three-stage ProPicture digital conversion system, which improves analog TV signals and playback of progressive scan DVDs.