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Sahara TV begins plans to launch regional language channels

India's Sahara TV, currently the largest fully automated news production facility in Asia, has committed to extend its partnership with Leitch as it executes plans to launch five new Indian regional language channels over the next year.

The current Leitch installations at Sahara TV's two main hubs, Noida and Mumbai, together represent one of the world's largest newsroom operations. The facilities comprise 160 server ports, 57 TB shared storage, 50 NewsFlash FX online high-res edit seats, 18 VelocityQ non-linear editors and six InstantOnline EDL conformance engines. Rounding out the system are Leitch Integrator Gold wideband digital multi-rate routers, Panacea Clean Switch, DPS-575 digital processing synchronizers, LogoMotion II logo inserters, SuiteView multi-source display processors, NEO Simplicity processing modules and CCS Navigator control.

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