Runco unveils customizable 3-D-capable flat-panel displays

Runco has announced a new series ultrathin Vistage displays, currently comprised of the 3-D-capable V-50HD, V-58HD and V-63HD.

The entire front of each Runco Vistage display is comprised of solid glass, creating better viewing performance when the display is on and a more uniform finish when it is off, the company said. The glass front improves optical performance of the flat panel because there are no surface uniformity issues common to the acrylic or plastic surfaces used on most televisions.

The new Runco displays also use an emissive cell structure that delivers exceptional brightness and viewing angles. Using a proprietary algorithm, each sub-pixel is individually modulated to turn on or off based on the content being played, which creates exceptional contrast and black levels previously unachieved in the industry. The emissive cell structure performs best in light-controlled environments and offers flexible black levels and dark-content performance.

Made from a rigid and sturdy substrate, the optional customizable veil attaches to the rear of the display and forms a subtle convex curvature design. Each rear-panel veil can be customized with Runco's FinishPalette options to create a one-of-a-kind look that gives the flat panel the appearance of artwork or a sculpture that is clearly visible from multiple vantage points.

The Vistage Series will ship with Runco's new DHD-LS, which is an ultraslim (measuring just more than 1in tall) video processor and scaler. It allows connection to multiple video sources and includes the latest Vivix processing for exceptional scaling and analog-to-digital signal conversion. It also allows single-wire connectivity to the display and enables individual calibration and control.