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Roscor Corp. First to Join Thomson GV Xensium Dealer Program

Thomson recently announced that Illinois-based Roscor Corp. has become the first U.S. A/V dealer to join the Thomson Grass Valley Xensium dealer program.

Dealers in the Xensium program are selected based on their ability to demonstrate a complete Infinity series workflow. This includes the Infinity Media camcorder, REV PRO disks and drives, as well as the EDIUS editing system.

“Roscor is the preeminent professional video dealer serving the Midwestern United States and we are thrilled to kick off the Thomson Grass Valley Xensium Dealer Program with them,” said Jeff Rosica, senior vice president of Thomson’s Broadcast and Professional Solutions for the systems division. “Roscor has always provided their customers with the resources necessary to make an informed decision regarding their purchases, and those customers can be assured that when it comes to the Infinity Series that Roscor’s knowledge is second to none.”

As part of the program, Roscor personnel have received advanced technical and product training from Thomson Grass Valley as part of an overall program to provide support for the Infinity series of products.

“The Infinity camcorder is like no other camcorder in the world,” said Paul Roston, Roscor Corp. president. “It is so feature-rich and powerful, that in order to properly demo the camera and its workflow benefits to our customers, we felt that joining the Xensium Dealer Program was an easy decision. The Infinity brings choice, performance, and production flexibility that no other camcorder in its price range can match. You’ve really got to see it to believe it.”

Roscor Corp is headquartered in Mount Prospect, Ill. and has regional offices in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Indonesia. The company has been a provider of professional audio, video multimedia, and computer-based products for more than 30 years.