Roland Systems Group Introduces All-In-One AV Mixer

LOS ANGELES—Roland Systems Group has debuted a new all-in-one A/V mixer, the Roland VR-3EX.

The Roland VR-3EX features an audio mixer, video mixer, touchscreen monitor and USB port for streaming and recording. The unit advances the line’s entry model, the Roland VR-3, by adding 4 HDMI inputs/outputs, built-in scaling with resolutions up to 1080p and WUXGA, HDCP support, full 18-channel digital audio mixer with effects and more than 200 video transitions and effects.

The VR-3EX’s sleek and compact design lends itself to portabl applications and permanent installations. It incorporates a video switcher, audio mixing, touch select preview monitor and streaming-ready USB output in one unit. Video inputs one to three features composite (RCA) or HDMI (SD only), while input four accepts HDMI, RGB/Component or composite video. The output features the ability to scale resolutions up to 1080p via HDMI or component, 1920x1200 (WUXGA) via RGB, or SD (NTSC or PAL) composite. An additional HDMI output is included for an external preview monitor.

Intended to be a combined live production switcher and Web streaming device, the Roland VR-3EX features audio embedding, and built-in audio mixer with delay settings on each input and USB output to allow “lip sync” adjustments to match the video source. It supports HDCP video enabling users to mix copyright protected material into live production. Composition effects such as Chroma key, Luminance key and picture-in-picture enable title/logo overlay or lower thirds on background video. HDMI inputs one to three accept video resolutions up to 480p/576p and input four accepts HDMI resolutions up to 1080p and RGB up to WUXGA (1920x1200). Although internal processing is SD-based, the output can be scaled up to 1080p or 1920x1200.

The 18-channel audio mixer is made up of 4 XLR/TRS with phantom power, stereo RCA, mini-stereo, built-in stereo mics, as well as stereo audio from the four HDMI inputs. It includes a variety of dynamics, such as delay, EQ, Gate and Compressor that can be applied to each balanced audio channel. The built-in stereo microphone on the top of the unit enables the operator to narrate or add ambient audio into the broadcast mix. It also has a main and aux buss output so users can separate mix audio for the broadcast and the in-house PA system.

As a USB Video/Audio class device, Web streaming requires connecting to a computer running a live streaming service. Users can also record the output using Roland’s free VR Capture software for Windows or Mac or by using native OS applications, such as QuickTime.

The Roland VR-3EX is expected to be available in March 2014.