Riedel Presents Artist Additions

Riedel Communications unveiled several advancements to its Artist solution at its Monday press conference.

The Artist digital matrix line now features an eight-port Voice-over-IP (VoIP) client card, an eight-port VoIP panel interface, a Windows Vista-compatible version of its Director configuration software and an updated C44 digital party-line system interface.


The new Artist VoIP-108 G2 client card converts eight matrix ports into a compressed IP stream and vice-versa.

It is possible to choose between an audio bandwidth of 6 kHz, which yields a data rate of less than 80 kbps, and a low-traffic mode with 4 kHz bandwidth and less than 40 kbps per channel.

The card communicates with a VoIP-108 G2 client card in another Artist system or with the new Connect IPx8 panel interface. The Connect IPx8 can connect up to eight standard Artist 1000, 2000 or 3000 Series control panels to an Artist matrix via IP.

The new Director Version 5.70 software is compatible with Windows Vista and includes a scheduler function, making it possible to change configuration aspects at predefined times.

Additionally, the system supports products from Lawo, SSL and Studer.

Further, the updated Performer C44plus system interface seamlessly integrates digital party-lines in matrix intercom environments. It can also serve as a standalone matrix for small applications.

The C44plus features a front-panel USB port for a PC connectivity; Performer Audio Assignment Software can be used to configure the internal 24 x 24 matrix.

The C44 can function not only as a system interface but also as the heart of a small standalone solution. It offers a 24 x 24 matrix with four two-channel powered digital party-line outputs, eight AES digital I/Os and eight analog four-wire I/Os. The GPIs make it possible to combine the C44plus with a RiFace radio interface and thus integrate wired and wireless environments.

Riedel, which boasts such clients as NFL Network, Madison Square Garden TV and the TV Guide Channel, announced it had recently installed an Artist intercom matrix system in a new HD truck for Burbank, Calif.-based Sweetwater Digital Productions.

Without naming names, the company also noted it is carrying out installations in China for “a major sporting event” to take place in August. Riedel said that 60 Artist systems and “a couple hundred panels” had been delivered for the games. ©2008 NAB