Riedel Equips 28th SEA Games

WUPPERTAL, GERMANY—With more than 7,000 athletes from 11 different Southeast Asia nations, and more than 5,000 performers, the organizers behind the 28th Southeast Asia Games used Riedel Communications’ Artist digital matrix intercom system and Acrobat digital wireless intercom system to coordinate communications for the events opening and closing ceremonies.

Control room during the SEA Games opening ceremonies

Riedel Artist keypanels were used to control lighting, sound, pyrotechnics, projection and multimedia by the console desk operators to provide cues during the ceremonies. Communications between operators and technicians were made possible with dual-channel wired and wireless beltpacks supported by Riedel’s Acrobat. Riedel also supplied three FM transmitters and 3,000 receivers to provide communication between performers and props operators.

A 40-channel, 300-radio system was supplied by Riedel to cover the SEA Games. With 32 channels connected to the Artist matrix system, individual channels could be dedicated to lighting, audio, automation, sound, and props.

The 28th SEA Games were held in Singapore from June 5-16.

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