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Rhozet Transcoding Used for Olympic VOD Content

For handling video-on-demand content at, NBC Universal tapped Harmonic’s Rhozet Carbon Coder universal media transcoding software.

Carbon Coder generated high-quality, multi-format video used by NBC to deliver Microsoft Smooth Streaming on-demand content for television, PCs and mobile devices.

To ensure quick turnaround of live events, NBC deployed Carbon Coder in a farm configuration with multiple nodes controlled by Carbon Server software. This allowed NBC to optimize load balance points across multiple CPUs to speed the workflow and to automate processing.

“Harmonic’s Carbon Coder and Carbon Server bring together Smooth Streaming support and automated workflows to make it possible to handle the vast amount of coverage from the Vancouver Winter Games,” said Steven Sabonjohn, product manager, transcoding, at NBC Universal. “This solution does everything we need to bring streaming content on-demand to our audience quickly and with three-screen reach for viewing on TV, mobile devices and PCs.”