Quartz supplies news routers to CBS News

In January 2005, CBS News will upgrade from the Quartz Q128, to a new Q256 SDI router.

Quartz Electronics has received an order from CBS News to supply equipment for the upcoming relocation of its European Broadcast center from Knightsbridge to Chiswick Park in London.

The new CBS facility will link CBS New York and its contributors in London and throughout the EAME region.

In January 2005, CBS News will upgrade from the Q128, to a new Q256 SDI router, initially configured as 160x128, and expandable to 256x256 within the 16U frame.

The Q256 is a compact large-scale serial digital router, scaleable in steps of 32 up to a maximum of 1024x1024 using additional frames. Input and output expansion capability is built into every frame, avoiding any need for fan-out or combiner frames and simplifying in-service expansion.

The Q256 at CBS News will route a pool of equipment, including satellite receivers, a large server system, standards converters, production switchers, cameras, monitor stacks and aspect ratio converters. Management of the routing equipment is via a Quartz SC-1000 system controller, with user control from the 25 plus customized intelligent Quartz control panels.

For more information, visit www.quartzus.com.